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The Love Tank

Build up your Love Tank

Measure your satisfaction and express your emotions. Manage the Love Tank of your partner. You can anytime change the volume of Love in the tank - simply express your level of satisfaction based on your needs.

The Timeline

Discover Your Inner Dynamics

Track the evolution of your relationship from the Love Timeline and discover which of your habits fuel a longer lasting relationship.

The Profile

Help your partner understand you

Help your partner by creating your emotional profile: indicate your priority of emotional needs, discover your love language, and many more!

Let's promote emotional intelligence in our relationships

Communication and understanding are key to long lasting relationships. Plusless helps couples maintain honesty, openness, and mutual understanding in any period of the relationship.

Our Goals

PlusLess's goals

  • Building open, honest communication
  • Creating a common vision
  • Developing social support
The Expert

Inspirations from Experts

The design and concept of Plusless has its roots in theories and experiences of prominent experts in psychology of couple relationships.

The Expert

Easy to use

PlusLess is designed for simplicity. It's never been this easy to express your emotion and share with your social network!

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PlusLess is under development. Help us build it!

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